Biometric Secure Coprocessor (BSC)

Integrating a fingerprint software stack into a host controller is a complex and costly task. Regaining the NRE cost requires significant quantity with potential risk involved.

A modular approach provides lower initial development cost and faster time to market. Full integration of the fingeprint software stack can be postponed to a later time.

ikendi’s small footprint algorithm make the module approach feasible with a small increase of per piece cost. The Biometric Secure Coprocessor is provided via distribution.

Development tools can be ordered below. We offer the IK741 fingerprint module – it uses the BSC – and the IK741 starter kit.

The IK741 module is a subsystem for fingerprint processing. It gets its commands from a host system. The host system can be basically any programmable device, but to get started we need to choose the most popular one for developers – the WindowsPC.
The IK741 offers three digital interfaces for communication: SPI, I2C, UART. You can order the IK741 Starter Kit with the bridge board of your choice.

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