Our mission
  1. Support for fingerprint integration into customer systems

  2. Development of fingerprint turn-key solutions

  3. Development and deployment of fingerprint extraction and matching algorithms for deeply embedded systems like Tokens, Chip Cards, Smart Watches

Goals & values
  1. Increase value of customer devices

  2. Increase security of customer devices

  3. Increase convenience of customer devices

Our history
Deployment of fingerprint extraction and matching
1998Licensing Contract with ST Micro New Ventures, later Upek.
Development Contract with Siemens HL, later Infineon.
Objective: Fingerpint System-on- Card based on SLE88
1999 – 2004Design-In support for Infineon Area sensor based systems
2000First ARM7 based fingerprint platform
2001Design-In support for Fujitsu area sensors with support for Fujitsu RISC MCU
2002Development of image reconstruction for Atmel thermal swipe sensor
2001 – 2003Design-In support for optical sensors from German manufacturer Delsy
2000 – 2003Development of image processing accellerator IP for silicon integration
2004Development of fingerprint key-fob
2003 – 2007Development cooperation, design-in and field support for Atmel Biometrics
2009 – 2015Development, design-in and field support for IDEX ASA

Bernd Lind

Bernd has over 30 years of experience in development positions of the computer and electronics industry. He has founded ikendi in 1997 with the mission to develop fingerprint technology lean enough to be implemented in any device with need for personal authentication.

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