It is difficult to start a software development project, and you are targeting a convenience application for fingerprinting? ikendiButton may be the right answer for you.

Imagine there is a knob, which closes a contact when certain persons press it. When other persons press it, it doesn’t close the contact. It could then protect a machine from being used in a non authorized way.

Basically this is what ikendiButton is. However, there are some details. Instead of pressing the button you need to swipe a finger. But how can ikendiButton know you? You need to go through a procedure called enrollment.

The benefit: You don’t need to program a complex protocol in your machine, you just need to recognize a closed contact. This is also the biggest weakness: If somebody bridges the contact, he has broken the security. So you have to keep people from accessing the inner workings of your machine, but in any case the security cannot be very high.

ikendiButton is an application of the IK741 fingerprint module and its central element, the BSC. All electrical specifications of the IK741 module and the BSC apply.

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